Moringa Tea Benefits: Top Benefits of Drinking Moringa Tea Everyday

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Benefits of Moringa Tea

What is Moringa?

Well, be surprised to know that the 'drumstick tree' which is commonly used in South Indian meals is actually a powerful superfood. The moringa tree is native to South India and is mostly found on the foothills of the Himalayas. Every part of the plant can be put to some use. Moringa has been a staple of traditional medicine for over 4,000 years, and Ayurvedic medicine credits it with the prevention and treatment of close to 300 diseases.The leaves, flowers, and roots of the moringa tree are all edible. The seeds are used to extract oil while the flowers can be cooked and eaten. The most fascinating thing about moringa is that every part of the tree offers great health benefits, full of essential nutrients and antioxidants.

The Moringa plant leaves have always been known to have extremely positive health benefits. The tea from them will again provide you with these benefits.

Moringa Tea Benefits

1. Nutrient Packed

Moringa contains around 20 types of amino acids, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, and more than 90 nutrients which make it one of the best nutritional supplements. It's an excellent source of minerals like iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E as well as macro minerals, trace minerals, and phytonutrients.
moringa benefits

 2. Controls Diabetes

Moringa can lead to a reduction in blood glucose and lipid levels. Studies have shown up to a 13.5% decrease in fasting blood sugar levels among those who took moringa powder regularly for three months. Additionally, adding the leaves to meals of diabetic patients has been shown to reduce the rise in blood sugar by 21%. These effects may be partly due to high levels of chlorogenic acid, also found in coffee. Moringa can also help regulate oxidative stress in diabetic patients, which protects against all types of cell damage.

3. Increases Lactation

Moringa increases breast milk production. Early evidence suggests that taking 250 mg of a specific moringa supplement (Natalac) twice daily after childbirth increases breast milk production.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Another benefit of moringa powder is its soothing ability which enables it to lower blood pressure and promote good sleep. It is a natural remedy for insomnia as it possesses certain properties that can treat sleeping disorders.

5. Prevents Joint and Arthritis Pains

 The anti-inflammatory effect of the different parts of this plant is remarkable against arthritis. It is capable of suppressing the inflammation and ameliorating the symptoms of this disease. One of the most impressive activities of Moringa is its analgesic effect that can help to relieve arthritis pain.

6. Detoxifier

Moringa powder helps in the faster elimination of toxins from your body and supports your liver in doing so. It makes your body more resistant to toxins while the antioxidants help in fighting free radicals to keep your system clean.

7. Improves Digestion

Moringa powder is packed with fiber that regulates your digestive functions and relieves constipation. Moringa leaves also have a mild laxative effect. Moringa is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and may help in treating stomach ulcers and infections.

8. Promotes Healthy Skin

Moringa has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. It's been effective against types of fungi that cause infections on the skin. It is sometimes applied directly to the skin as a germ-killer or drying agent (astringent). It is also used topically for treating pockets of infection (abscesses), athlete’s foot, dandruff, gum disease (gingivitis), snakebites, warts, and wounds.


How to make Moringa Tea?

  • Moringa tea is made using the dried leaves of the plant and is filled with potent antioxidants. By steeping the leaves in hot water for a few minutes, you can make Moringa tea like any other green tea.
  • The tea will brew and release the nutrients and antioxidants the body needs, and you can enjoy it in a refreshing and flavorful hot beverage.
  • To make the Moringa tea as it is bought, the leaves are dried and preserved to retain their nutrients. The dried leaves are shredded and bagged into packets (for loose tea) or bags (for tea bags).
  • Moringa tea is an excellent natural energy drink without the bad effects of caffeinated products. The vitamins present are perfect for clearing the mind and boosting energy.
  • Drinking tea on a regular basis is known to increase energy and manage weight loss and diet. It detoxes and nourishes the immune system, too.


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