Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Powder

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Common Name:

Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Powder

Botanical Name:

Citrus aurantiifolia



Plant Parts Used:




Color & Appearance:

Yellow Color Powder

* (due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may slightly vary)

Mesh Size:

40 ~ 60 mesh


USDA, EU, Kosher

Country of Origin:


Product Applications:

Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Herbal Teas, Capsules, Tablets, Functional foods & beverages

Product Offerings:

Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Powder, Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Chunks, Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Slices, Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Cubes

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Freeze Dried Lime Fruit Powder: Overview

Freeze-dried lime fruit powder is a versatile and convenient product derived from ripe limes through a specialized freeze-drying process. This innovative technique removes moisture from the fruit while preserving its vibrant color, intense flavor, and essential nutrients. The resulting powder boasts a concentrated lime taste, reminiscent of fresh citrus, making it an ideal ingredient for culinary creations. With its extended shelf life and easy reconstitution properties, freeze-dried lime fruit powder is a valuable addition to a variety of applications. From enhancing the flavor of beverages, sauces, and dressings to elevating the taste profile of desserts and baked goods, this powder offers a burst of zesty and tangy goodness. Its lightweight nature also makes it a preferred choice for backpackers, campers, and those seeking a convenient source of vitamin C while on the go. Whether used in professional kitchens or home cooking, freeze-dried lime fruit powder delivers an authentic lime experience in a convenient and long-lasting form.

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Private Labeling Options

Powders: Packed in eco-friendly Pouches or Canisters in customized sizes

Capsules & Tablets: Packed in bottles of 60ct, 90ct or 180ct

Oils: Packed in glass bottles with dropper in 100ml, 4oz or customized sizes

private labeling options

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