Moringa Seeds, Kernels and Seed Cake Powder Manufacturer

Medikonda is the Largest Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier, Bulk Distributor, Exporter of Organic Moringa Seeds, Kernels, Seed Cake Powder and other moringa products. Medikonda is the only Manufacturer in USA to have its own Organic Moringa Farm of 130 Acres.

Moringa Seeds Packaging

Moringa Seeds packaging is done as per customers requirements and specifications. We offer bulk packaging in 1kg and 25 kgs HDPE bags. 

Moringa Seeds Processing

  1. At Medikonda, the moringa fruits are allowed to dry naturally and then harvested from our own certified organic farms. They are then transported to the medikonda moringa processing facility which is also located within the 130 acres farm.
  2. The moringa fruits are then sorted and stripped to remove the seeds.
  3. The seeds are then processed according to the requirement. The moringa seeds undergo different processing methods depending upon whether its for plantation purpose, moringa oil extraction purpose or consumption purpose.
  4. If the seeds are for consumption purpose they undergo a hygienic sterilization process.

Moringa Seed Cake Powder

At Medikonda, Moringa Oil is produced using cold pressed method to ensure the quality which is suitable for making value added products like Skin Care lotions, Medicated Ointments etc. Once the oil is extracted Moringa seed cake comes as a by product. 

    Why Choose Us ?

    We are committed to quality and do not undertake contract farming. Instead we have our own organic moringa plantation which enables full control over quality and the best organic farming practices. We have complete control right from the seed to finished product which results in best product quality with high nutritional values. 

    Our farms and facilities are certified organic and GMP. Our products are manufactured and packaged in the USA. With the capacity of our facility we can supply upto 50 tons of organic moringa powder per month. Its our responsibility to deliver high quality product and customer experience. 

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    Growers and Packers of Premium Botanicals

    Our family has been in agriculture since 1890 and we control quality from the orchard to the product on the supermarket shelves.

    Medikonda Farms

    We are serious about growing and processing premium quality botanicals. We grow products that we are proud to feed our own children.

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