Organic Moringa Seed Oil Wholesale Bulk Suppliers in Asia

Medikonda is the Largest Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier, Bulk Distributor, and Exporter of Organic Moringa Seed Oil in Asia

Moringa Oil Private Labelling & Bulk Packaging

Moringa Seed Oil packaging is done in our Asia facility as per the client’s requirements. We offer 3.4 fl oz, 4 fl oz, and 8 fl oz packing in plastic or glass bottles with outer mono carton boxes with private labeling in your brand name. Bulk Oils are packed in 10-liter cans, barrels, or drums as per the specific quantity requirements.

Organic Certified Moringa Seed Oil - Manufacturing Process at our factory 

  1. At our factory Fresh raw seeds are harvested from our certified organic farms or our contract farms. They are then transported to our processing facility which is also located within the 130-acre farm.
  2. The seeds are sorted and graded to remove unwanted particles.
  3. The seeds are de-hulled as per the requirements and the specific characteristics of different oil seeds.
  4. The cleaned and de-hulled seed kernels are then cold pressed in a screw press at room temperature at the lowest possible heat.
  5. The extracted oil is then stored in a crude oil tank.
  6. The oil from the crude oil tank is then passed through a 2-stage filtration process using a filter press and a micron filter.
  7. The filtered oil is then stored in a filtered oil tank and packaged as needed.


Our facility is state of the art. There is no manual intervention once the fresh raw seeds are harvested and sorted. The process is completely automated to prevent any type of contamination.

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