Arjuna Bark Powder

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    Product offerings include: 100% pure organic arjuna bark powder, organic arjuna powder capsules and tablets, organic arjuna powder tea and tea bags, organic arjuna bark extract. Contract manufacturing and private labeling is available. Please ask us about this option.

    • Common Name:

      Arjuna Bark Powder

      Botanical Name:

      Terminalia Arjuna



      Plant Parts Used:

      Stem or Bark



      Color & Appearance:

      Brown Colored Powder

      Organic Certifications:

      USDA, EU, Halal, Kosher

      Country of Origin:


      Product Applications:

      Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Herbal Teas, Capsules & Tablets, Energy Bars, RTDs (ready to drink beverages)

      Medikonda Nutrients is the Largest Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier, Bulk Distributor, Exporter of Organic Arjuna Bark Powder and other Herbal Powders.

    • Uses and Benefits of Arjuna Bark Powder
      Every part of the tree has useful medicinal properties. Arjun holds a reputed position in both Ayurvedic and Yunani Systems of medicine. According to Ayurveda it is alexiteric, styptic, tonic, anthelmintic, and useful in fractures, ulcers, heart diseases, biliousness, urinary discharges, asthma, tumors, leukoderma, anemia, excessive perspiration etc. According to Yunani system of medicine, it is used both externally and internally in gleet and urinary discharges. It has also been used for asthma, bile duct disorders, scorpion stings, and poisonings. 
      Chest pain (angina): Some research shows that taking Terminalia by mouth with conventional medications improves symptoms in people experiencing chest pain after a heart attack. Other research shows that taking Terminalia by mouth improves symptoms and reduces the need for chest pain medication in people with long-term chest pain.
      Heart disease: Early research shows that taking Terminalia by mouth might improve cholesterol levels in in people with heart disease.
      Diabetes: Some research shows that taking Terminalia with other ingredients lowers pre-meal blood sugar levels in women with diabetes.
      Heart failure: The role of Terminalia in the treatment of heart failure. Early research in people with severe heart failure shows that taking Terminalia by mouth for 2 weeks along with heart failure drugs improves symptoms compared to taking heart failure drugs alone.
      High levels of cholesterol or other fats (lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidaemia): Some research shows that taking Terminalia with other ingredients lowers LDL (or "bad") cholesterol levels and increases HDL (or "good") cholesterol levels in women with diabetes.
      Osteoarthritis: Research shows that taking Terminalia along with turmeric and Boswellia reduces pain and stiffness in people with osteoarthritis.

    • Consistency: All of our products are created using the same extraction process in the same facility, which creates consistency. This ensures that you will receive a product that’s always reliable and effective.

      Organic Farming: We hold ourselves to rigorous farming standards — it’s not necessarily cheaper or easier, but it’s what’s right. Majority of our nutrient rich products are grown in our own organic farms under strict USDA guidelines, which enables full control over consistency and quality. Our farms, processing and trading are certified under NOP & NPOP standards.

      Every Batch is Tested: Our standards are rigorous and thorough. We test every single batch of our herbs and oils through a third-party lab to ensure that the products you receive are the highest quality available, without microbes, pesticides or heavy metals.

      No MOQ: We know that every big company had a small beginning. Hence, We offer even smaller quantities and there is No Minimum Order Quantity requirement. There is no discrimination based on order quantity and every order is handled with utmost care and attention.

      Infrastructure: Our factory is spawning at an area of 64,800 sq ft. We have various accreditations and certifications including FDA, ISO, HACCP, USDA organic, EU organic, Kosher, Halal etc.

      Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling: Contract manufacturing and private labeling is available. Please ask us about this option.

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    usda organic
    eu organic
    india organic
    halal certified
    kosher certified
    100% vegan
    non gmo
    gmp certified
    fda registered facility
    iso 9001:2008 certified
    iso 22000:2005 certified
    gluten free

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