Mineral Oil

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Mineral Oil

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Colorless liquid * (due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may slightly vary)


USDA, EU, Kosher

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Mineral Oil

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Mineral Oil: Overview

Mineral oil is a clear, odorless, and colorless liquid derived from petroleum. It's composed primarily of hydrocarbons and is known for its ability to create a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Due to its inert nature, mineral oil is widely used in various industries and products.

In skincare, mineral oil is commonly found in moisturizers, lotions, and baby oils for its emollient properties, which help to lock in moisture and prevent water loss from the skin. It's also used as a base ingredient in cosmetics such as lip balms, makeup removers, and creams due to its non-comedogenic nature, meaning it's unlikely to clog pores.

In addition to skincare, mineral oil is used in pharmaceuticals as a laxative and as a lubricant in various mechanical and industrial applications. It's also found in food-grade mineral oil, where it serves as a lubricant and protective coating for kitchen utensils and machinery.

While mineral oil is generally regarded as safe for external use, it's important to choose products with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil, especially for skincare applications. Additionally, it's not recommended for consumption, as it can interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and may have adverse effects on health if ingested in large amounts.

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