RBD Coconut Oil

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Common Name:

RBD Coconut Oil

Botanical Name:

Cocos nucifera



Plant Parts Used:

Dried Coconut



Color Appearance:

Pale Yellow * (due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may slightly vary)


USDA, EU, Kosher

Country of Origin:


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RBD Coconut Oil

Medikonda Nutrients is the Largest Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier, Bulk Distributor, Exporter of USDA Organic RBD Coconut Oil in USA.

RBD Coconut Oil: Overview

RBD coconut oil stands for "Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized" coconut oil. It's a type of coconut oil that undergoes a refining process to remove impurities and flavor, resulting in a neutral flavor and scent.

During the refining process, crude coconut oil is subjected to bleaching and deodorizing steps to remove any remaining impurities, color, and odor. This process helps to produce a more stable oil with a longer shelf life and a higher smoke point, making it suitable for cooking at higher temperatures without imparting a coconut flavor to the food.

RBD coconut oil is commonly used in commercial food production, baking, frying, and other culinary applications where a neutral taste and aroma are desired. While it may lack some of the nutrients and flavor of unrefined coconut oil, it still retains many of the beneficial fatty acids found in coconut oil.

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