Steel Cut Oats

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Common Name:

Steel Cut Oats

Botanical Name:

Avena sativa



Plant Parts Used:



Oats Groats

Color Appearance:

Brown Color Powder

* (due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may slightly vary)

Mesh Size:

60 ~ 80 mesh


USDA, EU, Kosher

Country of Origin:


Product Applications:

Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Herbal Teas, Capsules, Tablets, Functional foods beverages

Product Offerings:

Steel Cut Oats

Medikonda Nutrients is the Largest Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier, Bulk Distributor, Exporter of USDA Organic Steel Cut Oats in USA.

Steel Cut Oats: Overview

Steel-cut oats are whole oat groats that have been chopped into small pieces, offering a hearty texture and nutty flavor. Unlike rolled or instant oats, they undergo minimal processing, retaining more nutrients and fiber. Due to their coarse texture, they take longer to cook, typically 20-30 minutes on the stovetop. Steel-cut oats are a nutritious breakfast option, rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, promoting sustained energy levels and aiding in digestion. They can be customized with various toppings like fruits, nuts, and sweeteners to suit individual preferences, making them a versatile and wholesome choice for a morning meal.

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Private Labeling Options

Powders: Packed in eco-friendly Pouches or Canisters in customized sizes

Capsules & Tablets: Packed in bottles of 60ct, 90ct or 180ct

Oils: Packed in glass bottles with dropper in 100ml, 4oz or customized sizes

private labeling options

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